Fulton & Kozak Certified Public Accountants offers tax planning and tax preparation for individuals and businesses. The tax team works with clients both virtually and in person to prepare the tax returns in a timely manner.

Experience Counts

The Fulton & Kozak team is comprised of CPAs and staff accountants who share more than 114 years experience. In practice since 1984, the team has a track record of success in dealing with IRS questions, in providing sound advice on tax matters and in dealing with disorganized records.

Call Fulton & Kozak when

  • Your tax questions can’t be answered by once-a-year software help screens
  • A major change occurs in your life that will affect your tax liability
  • You’re charged with distributing a relative’s estate and you want to do it properly and minimize the tax
  • Your business tax filing requirements take more time than you’re able to give
  • You’re planning your estate and want to understand the tax implications of your decisions

Pivotal Decisions

IRS Solutions

“I received a letter from the IRS. What do I do?“

Life Change
Life Change

“There’s been a big change in my life.“

Business Change
Big Business Change

“Things in my business are about to change.”

Choosing a Firm