Using an outside CPA firm for tax preparation brings a level of objectivity and broader experience to the business. Fulton & Kozak CPAs see the tax challenges in a variety of industries and can often offer a different perspective or strategy.

If the business operates in multiple states, it is important to work with an accounting firm that is accustomed to filing multiple returns and keeping current on each state’s tax regulations.

Experience Counts

CPAs for more than 25 years, Fulton & Kozak has the experience you want for your business.  The accountants have experience answering IRS inquiries, serving as expert witnesses in court and in handling both business and individual tax questions.

For Example

Sue and Jim are in their 50’s and their children are grown. They have amassed several million dollars in investments. Jim sold his succesful business in 1999 and started another that is profitable.

Jim’s father, also a successful business owner, passed away in 2006, leaving more than $4 million in assets in a family limited partnership.

This family chooses Fulton & Kozak to prepares tax returns for themselves, two corporations, two partnership returns, plus one trust and estate return.  They rely on their accountant to answer ongoing tax compliance questions too.

Call Fulton & Kozak when

  • Your business starts growing
  • You’re considering adding — or buying out — a partner in the business