Fulton & Kozak has extensive experience working in fund accounting with local governments — particularly  in assessing internal controls, assessing grant compliance and performing audits governed by Yellow Book standards and by OMB Circular A-133 .

Fund Accounting Specialty

Fulton & Kozak has worked with a variety of city, small county and municipality governments and they know how to segregate general funds, utility funds, sales tax funds, debt service funds,  fixed asset funds.  They understand the complexity of inter-fund transfers and will verify the movements correctly.

GASB Yellow Book Audits

Fulton & Kozak has a highly trained audit team experienced with the rigorous practices required for a Yellow Book Audit.  The team will develop a deep understanding of your internal controls and operating procedures and maintain the required objectivity to perform the audit.

Single Audits A-133

The single audit combines the annual financial audit with additional audit coverage of federal funds provided to local governments.  It determines whether the programs were administered in accordance with the regulations and requires the auditor’s opinion on compliance.