Fulton & Kozak Certified Public Accountants offers advisory services for business, including business valuation, bookkeeping, QuickBooks consulting and controller for hire services. The advisory team works with clients in the Fulton & Kozak offices or on-site with the client, depending on the need

Experience Counts

The Fulton & Kozak advisory team is comprised of CPAs and accountants with experience in bridging the gap between the client’s in-house staff who handle the financial transactions and owner-manager who wants credentialed oversight of the financial processes in the business.

Call Fulton & Kozak when

  • Your bookkeeping needs expand beyond your staff’s capacity or experience
  • You want to set up QuickBooks correctly and then handle the day-to-day transactions yourself
  • You are thinking of buying or selling a business and what want expert input on due diligence
  • The reports you get from your accounting system don’t give you the information you need to make decisions.

Pivotal Decisions

Business Questions
Business Questions?

“I’m in a quandary over my business and need some guidance.”

Life Change
Lost an Important Team Member?

“I’ve lost a key staff member, where do I start?”

Business Startups
Just Started a Business?

“I’m starting a business and I want to do things right.”

Accounting Help
Can't Keep up with the Books?

“There’s too much to do! I want regular help to stay on track.”

Choosing a Firm