Keeping the cash flowing through the business isn’t enough to guarantee success.

Most businesses have a plan for making more sales, or operating more efficiently, but many don’t extend their business reporting beyond the basic receivables, payables and cash flow reports from their accounting software.

A Fulton & Kozak staff accountant will act as a consultant to your business, providing objective advice and practical suggestions for correcting the course of your business.  The CPA will explain the significance of the trends shown on the reports and describe how the reports will change as you succeed.

Experience Counts

Controller services with Fulton & Kozak are provided by some of their most experienced CPA’s, bringing knowledge of business processes from a variety of business sectors to your particular need.

Many client businesses prefer to handle the day-to-day financial transactions themselves but engage Fulton & Kozak to create and interpret management report on a monthly basis — setting aside just a few hours each month for the service.

Call Fulton-Kozak when

  • You’d like an experienced accountant to review financial transactions to be sure all is handled properly
  • You’re unable to get the answers you want from the reports your accounting software provides
  • You have strategic questions about your business and you want management reports that will show you when you’ve got it right