Successful small business owners quickly learn that their time is better spent building the business, instead of managing the books. That’s when a member of the Fulton & Kozak advisory team can step in to handle the monthly accounting responsibilities. In just a few hours each month, the business stays current in billing and payments, and the business owner has the added benefit of an objective view of the business and management reports that chart the progress toward their goals.

Experience Counts

Fulton & Kozak bookkeeping staff have years of experience in stepping in to handle bookkeeping tasks without interfering with business operations.

For Example

Harvey has a service business, founded as an S-corporation, co-owned with his mother who passed away a few years ago.

Prior to her death, his mother handled all the accounting responsibilities, but turned to Fulton & Kozak  to prepare the annual tax returns.

Since Harvey is on his own now, he’s been handling his usual responsibilities — especially sales — and letting the accounting work fall behind.

He asked the Fulton & Kozak advisory team for help. Now a staff accountant spends one day each month in Harvey’s office keeping the accounting up to date, while Harvey keeps the business on track.

Call Fulton & Kozak when

  • Your bookkeeping needs expand beyond your staff’s capacity or experience
  • The reports you get from your accounting system don’t give you the information you need to make decisions
  • Bills are getting paid late and some customers are very slow to pay