With more than 25 years of experience with non-profit clients, Fulton & Kozak works with organizations to provide required financial statements for grant proposals or to maintain compliance with grant requirements and will provide suggestions for next steps in your growth.

The Fulton & Kozak team works with non-profits of all sizes, offering practical solutions for your organization.  We are experienced with federal and state funding requirements including single audit (A-133) requirements.

Private Sector Grantors

The audit process provides assurance to the grantors and donors that the organization has good corporate governance and financial policies in place.

Single Audits (A-133)

Any grant recipient that expends more than $500,000 in federal awards is subject to the Single Audit Act. With requirements becoming more challenging,  you can count on Fulton & Kozak’s audit team to stay up to date with requirements and trust their experience with single audits to guide your internal processes.

Organizations that receive federal funds are required to maintain effective internal controls systems.  Fulton & Kozak’s audit team leverages their single audit experience to focus on the areas where non-compliance is common:

  • record retention
  • adequate program documentation
  • financial administration
  • labor charging
  • residual funds accounting and disposition

The Fulton & Kozak audit team’s extensive experience with A-133 audit leads them to offer practical solutions that satisfy the intention of the regulation without overburdening the organization.