Assured Understanding

Each audit team has a Team Leader who will be your primary point of contact during the engagement. However, every member of the team will be able to answer questions and provide guidance, both during the on-site visit and while the audit findings are prepared.

Because Fulton & Kozak has an established and experienced audit practice, if specific expertise for an industry is required, that subject-matter expert will be added to your team.

Beyond Assurance

The depth of experience within Fulton & Kozak means expertise in tax, in litigation or in bookkeeping is right down the hall. When the audit team needs a subject matter expert in sales tax compliance, payroll tax compliance or tax compliance, professionals who work in those areas every day can be found within the firm.

Is it Time to Get Professional Input?

“Audit” can have a specific meaning within the context of your industry. Not every non-profit requires a true audit, with financial statements that have been certified by a CPA firm. However it may require financial statements that have been reviewed by a third party. Not every for-profit entity can think that an audit is not required, because for-profit companies get government contracts and receive federal funds. Some companies seek professional advice when they are concerned that their internal controls are lacking.

Call Fulton & Kozak for a consultation when:

  • Your non-profit board wants to expand its fundraising efforts with new offerings
  • Your company is about to go after its first government-funded project
  • Your for-profit company is making changes to or starting an employee benefits program
  • Your organization is about to receive money from a federal program
  • You are a franchisee — or franchisor — with specific financial reporting requirements or interests

Fulton & Kozak will guide you toward the service that fits your need and resolves your problem.  Start the conversation today.