Level of Involvement

The Advisory team gets involved as deeply as you request.  If an experienced eye is what you want, to make sure your day-to-day accounting practices are in line with best practices, the advisory team will provide that valuable double-check in just a few hours each month.

If you want more hands-on oversight for operations or for a project, the advisory team can have greater involvement, for several days each month.

Fitting Solutions

The Advisory team will take the time to understand your business and the processes you have in place, and make suggestions for changes that will fit easily within  them.

The Whole Team

The tax, audit and advisory teams work together to contribute specialized knowledge if a client requires it. If the advisory team has a question about a tax liability that the tax team should answer, they’ll get an accountant from the tax department to review the issue and make a recommendation.

Is it Time to Get Professional Input?

Keeping the company’s financial transactions up to date is business critical but often falls to the bottom of the priority list, behind sales and order fulfillment. When the needs for your business expand beyond your staff’s capacity or expertise,  it’s time to seek professional bookkeeping or controller assistance.

Contact Fulton & Kozak when:

  • You want QuickBooks certified consulting
  • You want more bookkeeping capacity and expertise without expanding in-house staff
  • You want a professional review of your internal practices, to be sure your financial records are in order