Business Startup Questions

Individuals starting new businesses are faced with dozens of financial and operating questions before they can even begin to build their businesses.

First-time entrepreneurs can be especially challenged with making appropriate decisions for the future of the business. For example:

  • What corporate entity should I choose?  LLC, S Corporation, Partnership, Sole Proprietorship?
  • How many bank accounts do I need?
  • QuickBooks chart of accounts seems very complicated. Do I need all this?
  • How am I going to determine the right price for my services? How do I calculate cost?
  • When I pay myself, should it be a salary or a distribution?  How can I make sure that I do what’s necessary without overdoing the complexity?

What’s the toughest part for you?

Day-to-day transactions and record keeping — start with Bookkeeping

Worry about tax returns and payroll filings — start with Tax

Uncertainty over pricing and margins — start with Controller Services

Thinking about a non-profit instead of a traditional business — start with Tax Planning