“My current audit firm takes too long to prepare the reports — I don’t want to miss a compliance deadline.”

“I want a firm with proven experience doing complex, regulated audits.”

“I want to know that the team who audits us this year won’t be filled with new players next year.”

If any of these statements describes your concern for your organization’s audit, take a look at Fulton & Kozak’s Assurance Services.

With more than 25 years experience in a wide variety of audits, across a broad spectrum of industries and government entities, the Fulton & Kozak audit team is ready to assist.

What’s Next?

Contact the assurance department and tell them what you need. They will describe the experience they have with that type of audit and explain how they would perform the audit in your environment.

A-133 Single Audits for Non Profits

Yellow Book and Single Audits for Local Governments

FAR Audits and Surety Bond Requirements for Contractors and Engineers

Reviews and Audits of Financial Statements in For-Profit Companies