When looking for a CPA firm that offers competency and depth in all aspects of accounting services, use these questions to aid your decision.

  1. Capacity. How big is the bookkeeping team? Does the firm have the capacity to handle the day-to-day tasks you need, even at the height of tax season? How many people will be aware of your project and how can you reach them? If you will be relying on the firm to keep your financial transactions up to date, choose a firm with the necessary capacity to do it.
  2. Experience. Does the bookkeeper or controller have the experience you need, or is this work treated as filler for tax preparation staff?  When you trust advisory services to a CPA firm, look for one that has staff dedicated to advisory services year-round.
  3. Credentials. What credentials do the people you’ll be working with hold? Are they certified in QuickBooks? Be sure the firm you choose has professionals who are certified in the discipline you require.
  4. Oversight. Who will check the bookkeeper’s work? Choose a firm that has work review built into their operating procedures.
  5. Infrastructure. With ongoing advisory and controller work, an easy way to share information on a regular basis is essential. How will you get the information to the firm, and how will it be returned to you? Choose a firm with established routines and procedures, so you’ll be sure your needs are met.